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SoylutionSoylution products

Soylution offers new ways to enjoy soy

Otsuka Pharmaceutical currently has three product lines under the Soylution concept: SOYJOY, SOYSH, and SoyCarat.

SOYJOY baked soy bar

SOYJOY is a new type of nutritional food that contains no wheat and is baked using soybean flour along with several other ingredients. Containing the equivalent of about 35 soybeans, each bar offers a convenient way to obtain all the nutritional benefits of whole soy*.
In 2016, the SOYJOY line was expanded with the introduction of SOYJOY Crispy, featuring the light crunchy texture and delicious flavor of puffed soy.

  • Excluding the thin peel.

Launched in Japan in 2006; international distribution began the same year.

SOYSH carbonated soy beverage

SOYSH is a completely new beverage concept that combines whole soybeans* and carbonation . Although okara soybean fiber is usually removed in the production of soymilk, SOYSH contains whole soybeans and offers the complete nutrition of soy. One serving of SOYSH provides the same nutrition as about 21 large soybeans.

  • Excluding the thin peel.

Launched in Japan in 2010.

SoyCarat healthy soy snack

SoyCarat is a healthy snack food made with the nutrition of soy. Each bite-sized piece features a baked outer shell with several roasted soybeans inside, and makes a pleasing rattle sound when you shake it. Made with whole soy*, one package contains the equivalent of about 50 medium soybeans. Since it is baked and not fried, each package contains approximately 120 calories.

  • Excluding the thin peel.

Launched in Japan in 2012.

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