The Healthy Soy Snack
SoyCarat is a soy snack with edible “beans” baked inside a puffed up “pod” of soy dough. On top of having a great appearance, flavor, aroma, and texture, it makes a fun rattling sound when shaken. Everyone from children to adults will enjoy the full sensory delight of SoyCarat.

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Product Features

SoyCarat is a snack food made mainly of whole soy.*
Each packet of SoyCarat is made with approximately 50 soybeans.
SoyCarat provides the nutrition of soy with the enjoyment of a fun rattling sound when shaken.
Calories have been kept down to approximately 120 kcal per bag as the snack is baked, not fried.

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SoyCarat Cheese flavor

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Product Site of SoyCarat (Japanese)

Product Site of SoyCarat (Japanese)
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