Gentle support for pre-menstrual fluctuations

Based on extensive research into women's health issues, tocoelle focuses on women's intrinsic monthly cycle, offering support for normal, individual equilibrium during the premenstrual week.

Maintain your equilibrium during those seven days each month

A woman's power to maintain her feminine health and vitality requires different approaches over the course of a lifetime. Beginning with the onset of menstruation and continuing through menopause, women must cope with a variety of physical and mental disruptions related to their monthly menstrual cycle. In keeping with women's increased participation in the workforce and diversifying lifestyles, Otsuka Pharmaceutical embarked on research to develop a product to support women's vitality and wellbeing by addressing disruptions caused by periodic fluctuations. After 25 years of research, tocoelle is the result.
The tocoelle product name was selected to reflect the primary ingredient γ-tocopherol (toco), and the French word for woman (elle).

Product Characteristics
  • A complex supplement that delivers four important components: γ-tocopherol and γ-tocotrienol, types of vitamin E contained in soy oil and rice oil; equol, produced when soy isoflavones are metabolized by intestinal bacteria; and calcium, a mineral often insufficient in Japanese diets and particularly important for women.
  • A single soft capsule and two bean-shaped tablets, conveniently packaged together for portability.
  • Available in combined packets of 7 doses for convenient one-week consumption.
  • Contains no fragrances or preservatives.

Product Line-up

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Consume immediately after opening packet. Follow directions for daily consumption and avoid excessive intake. (Confirm the total amount of S-equol and soy isoflavones in this product and avoid excessive intake caused by consumption of this product with other "Food for Specified Health Use" or other products containing isoflavones.) This product is not for consumption by women who are pregnant or nursing or by infants or small children. Those on medication or being treated for illness should consult with a doctor before taking this supplement. Some individuals may have a negative reaction based on their constitution and/or physical condition; in such cases, stop using the product immediately. Over time, slight changes in color may be observed or storage at high temperatures may cause changes in tablet shape. These do not indicate a problem with product quality.

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