A source of equol, power for a beautiful life

The power to live a beautiful life. Made possible by equol, produced from lactic acid-fermented soy.
To meet your equol needs, choose EQUELLE in easy-to-consume tablet form or pleasantly flavored jelly-type beverage EQUELLE gelée.

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About the EQUELLE series

Soy isoflavones are generally known to bring many health benefits to women. Recent research has focused on equol, produced when daidzein, a component of soy isoflavones, is metabolized by intestinal bacteria. Equol has been found to have a more powerful effect than crude soy isoflavones. From among the intestinal bacteria that contribute to equol production, Otsuka Pharmaceutical became the first in the world* to identify lactic acid bacteria that could be used in food products. Following rigorous verification of safety and efficacy, EQUELLE was launched as an equol supplement backed by scientific evidence derived from pharmaceutical research. In addition to soy-derived equol, EQUELLE gelée all-in-one jelly beverage contains vitamin D, collagen, calcium and other vital ingredients in a single pouch. Supporting the fundamentals of women’s health and beauty, EQUELLE products foster a beautiful life, comfortable, positive and true to yourself.

  • *In-house research

Product Line-up

You can find detailed product information below.
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EQUELLE 112 tablets
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EQUELLE Pouch 120 tablets
*Sold only at medical institutions and dispensing pharmacies
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All products mentioned are sold in Japan.


  • Avoid excessive intake, and do not exceed recommended daily intake. (Be sure to check total intake of the S-equol and soy isoflavones in this product and any consumed from other sources; avoid excessive intake caused by the concurrent consumption of this product with other types of “Food for Specified Health Use” or other products containing isoflavones.)
  • This supplement is not for consumption by women who are pregnant or nursing, infants or small children.
  • Those on medication or being treated for illness should consult with a doctor before taking this supplement.
  • This supplement may cause certain individuals to feel unwell depending on their constitution and/or physical condition. In such cases, stop using the supplement immediately.
  • Over time, this supplement may change color slightly, or exposure to moisture may cause cracks to occur in the tablets. This does not indicate a problem with product quality.
Avoid excessive intake by calculating total amount of S-equol and soy isoflavones in this product and amounts contained in other products containing isoflavones such as Foods for Specified Health Use. This product should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or nursing, or by infants or small children. Individuals who are taking medicine or being treated for illness should consult with their doctor before taking this product. Depending on physical condition, this product may make cause certain individuals to feel unwell. In such cases, stop using the product. Jelly may spill when pouch is opened, please open with care. Consume immediately after opening. Jelly may change color or contain white crystals (crystallized calcium); this does not affect product quality. Exposure to exceptionally high or low temperatures may cause change in texture or separation of liquid.
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Product Site of EQUELLE (Japanese)

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