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Barley Beta-Glucans - A New Health Management Tool

Barley beta-glucans are a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber that are found in especially large quantities in barley, even more than in other grains. Otsuka's "OMUGI SEIKATSU" takes advantage of the action of barley beta-glucans to encourage people to adopt "new health management habits from first thing in the morning."

  1. *1OMUGI = "barley" in Japanese
  2. *2SEIKATSU = "life" in Japanese
  • OMUGI SEIKATSU is a convenient way to consume barley beta-glucans as breakfast items in the busy morning.
  • Otsuka selected varieties of barley that contain particularly high levels of beta-glucans.
  • Omugi Gohan and Omugi Gohan Japanese-Style products from the OMUGI SEIKATSU line are the first rice-type products to be accepted by the Consumer Affairs Agency as Foods with Function Claims.

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Food with Function Claims
Omugi Gohan
Food with Function Claims
Omugi Gohan Japanese-Style

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Product site of OMUGI SEIKATSU (Japanese)

Product site of OMUGI SEIKATSU (Japanese)
Barley Beta-Glucans for a Healthy Breakfast