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27MAR 2013


  • China

POCARI SWEAT Backs Guinness World Record Event

Ninety-nine people with ninety-nine nationalities got together to break a world record in Beijing, China. The world record breaking event took place in Beijing Blue Ocean International Business Building where the POCARI SWEAT team members organized the March 27th sauna gathering.

Click here to watch the video of the making of a Guinness world record

The Guinness World Record was having ninety-nine nationalities be in a sauna for five minutes all at the same time. Each participant had their passports checked by the Guinness World Record official before being let into the venue. After spending five very hot minutes in the sauna, it was the perfect time to provide what these participants lost during their sweating session, fluids and electrolytes.

POCARI SWEAT ion supply drinks were passed out to all the participants as soon as they came out from the large heated room with glass walls. This health drink easily replenished the fluids and ions (electrolytes) lost while perspiring. It is an ideal beverage for those who have been sweating while playing sports, working or sitting in a sauna! It can also hydrate the body first thing in the morning.

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