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11OCT 2013


  • UK

Otsuka Europe Opens New Office West of London

Ribbon cutting at new office (left to right): Henner Kalden - on behalf of Otsuka Europe Development & Commercialisation Ltd.; Ole Vahlgren, CEO & President - Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd.; Grant Geddes, Managing Director - Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (U.K.) Ltd.
New Otsuka shared office premises at The Gallions, Wexham Springs

Otsuka's Growth in Europe Leads to Exciting New Office Move

As a result of Otsuka's recent growth in Europe, an increased employee numbers from around 100 in Feb 2013 to around 140 in Oct 2013; and expansion with a new operation, Otsuka Europe Development & Commercialisation (OEDC) established in July 2013, a larger work area was needed.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. (OPEL), Otsuka Europe Development & Commercialisation (OEDC) and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (U.K.) Ltd. (OPUK) have relocated to the West of London in Wexham, in the United Kingdom to bring the research & development and commercial operations teams together for optimal collaboration.

Click here to watch the virtual tour of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd.

Operating under Otsuka's corporate philosophy of 'Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide', Otsuka's European business was originally established in 1979 focussing on the development of innovative products and medical devices that address high unmet medical needs.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd., Otsuka Europe Development & Commercialisation Ltd. and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (U.K.) Ltd. employees at the new office

Why a brand new office 20km west of London and not in the middle of the city?

Otsuka Chairman Akihiko Otsuka once said, "Outlying areas lack convenience, but they give you more room to ponder things. [sic] Because living in rural areas requires resourcefulness, I always maintained the view that we had to take the hard way. This really challenges people; also, there is less competition when you take the hard way, the road less travelled."

'Innovation' area designed to encourage creativity and innovation in the workplace

Embracing Otsuka's approach to innovation and unconventional thinking, the interior of Otsuka's new office has been specifically designed to encourage employees to think more creatively and includes an 'Innovation area', quiet rooms and an English pub themed restaurant known as 'The Otsuka Arms'. The open plan style encourages collaboration, teamwork and communication helping with the cross fertilisation of ideas. The beautiful countryside setting also helps to promote a feeling of well-being.

An official opening event was held at the new offices on Friday, 11th October 2013 welcoming 140 employees to the new site. The day included a presentation from the senior management team, ribbon cutting and the signing of a Daruma doll, a popular good luck talisman in Japan. The eye of the Daruma is filled in when setting a goal and the other eye is filled in when the goal is achieved. If you want to know 'the goal' you will have to visit the office!

"Our move to new premises reflects Otsuka Europe's commitment to deliver growth and performance within Europe and is a fitting setting for the determination, expertise and professionalism of our staff. We are all extremely excited about our new innovative integrated office space which will enable us to continue to collaborate effectively and accommodate future expansion." Ole Vahlgren, CEO & President - Otsuka Europe

Our new office address is:

To find out more about Otsuka in Europe, please visit

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