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16JUL 2014


  • South Korea

Youichi Yabuuchi Receives Appreciation Award From Korean Drug Research Association

In 1983, Dr. Youichi Yabuuchi was appointed head of research and development for new drugs at Otsuka Pharmaceutical. During that same period, researchers from South Korea's Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were first welcomed as interns at Otsuka under the guidance of president Akihiko Otsuka.

Importance of Japan/South Korean relationship

Five researchers studied at Otsuka up to 1991 including Mr. Won-Bae Kim, who is now the therapeutic division vice chairman of Dong-A, and also Mr. Young-Moon Choi, who is now with the US FDA. This was the beginning of Otsuka's association with Korean pharmaceutical companies.

A total of 27 researchers studied in Japan over five years from 1991, honing the drug-development capabilities of Korean companies through the introduction of Korea Drug Research Association (KDRA).

Almost all KDRA members are company presidents or lab directors who are at the forefront of wide-ranging new drug development initiatives in South Korea.

(Second row left to right) Soon-Bok Lee, GeneClone (Corp) CEO; Dr. Dai Hyon Yu, Korea OIAA chairman; Dr. Youichi Yabuuchi, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. executive fellow; Dr. Kang-Choo Lee, Korea Drug Research Association president; Dr. Young-Ho Yoo, Green Cross Health Science representative director/president; Dr. Hun-Taek Kim, SK chemicals vice president/director

(First row left to right) Jae Cheon Yeo, Korea Drug Research Association, executive managing director; Dr. Byung-Nak Ahn, Whan In Pharm. Co., Ltd., CTO; Dong Pyo Cho, Korea OIAA director on Board Planning; Dr. Jae-Soo Shin, Il-Yang Pharm. managing director; Dr. Yong-Baik Cho, Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd. executive director; Dr. Young-Man Kim, Dongkwang managing director

In addition to providing advanced technological tutelage for promoting new drug development in South Korea, Otsuka also strived to encourage cultural exchanges for building stronger ties between the two countries. Otsuka's efforts helped lay the foundations for active new drug research and development in South Korea.

The presentation of the appreciation plaque to Dr. Yabuuchi is based on this background. We hope that this ongoing relationship will contribute even more strongly to the advancement of pharmaceuticals research and the industry as a whole in both countries.

"In the long run, it is vital that a company expands at a steady pace in keeping with the realities it must contend with,"

said Dr. Yoichi Yabuuchi when he accepted the appreciation plaque.

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