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16JAN 2015


  • UK

Cambridge Identifies Otsuka Europe as an 'Employers of Choice'

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. (OPEL) has been recognized by Cambridge University as an employer that positively encourages diversity, integrity and innovation by encouraging our employees to be creative and to think unconventionally.

Selection process

During the 'Employers of Choice' selection process, Cambridge University shortlisted 60 employers out of 400, focusing on their commitment to a set of procedures and values including: engagement; talent management; providing opportunities for learning & development; diversity; a commitment to wellness and sustainability, governance and transparency.

'The secret to nurturing fruitful growth - dare to be different'

Otsuka Europe's selection as an 'Employers of Choice' by the University has resulted in an article entitled 'The secret to nurturing fruitful growth - dare to be different' in the prestigious 'Cambridge: Inspiring Leadership & Innovation' publication.

This publication is widely circulated, both in a printed and e-book format, to over 20,000 Cambridge students, members of the Cambridge Alumni association, UK and government departments, more than 30,000 educational establishments, 17,000 higher and further education institutions worldwide, international accreditation bodies and other global business audiences.

This article focuses on Otsuka's history and growth, our creative and innovative approach, as well as, highlighting some of the key differences between Otsuka and other pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

'We've never been afraid to do things differently, which sets us apart in the marketplace and helps us stand out.' Ole Vahlgren, CEO & President - Otsuka Europe.

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