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22FEB 2015


  • Japan

Total Healthcare Company, Otsuka, Supports Tokyo Marathon 2015

Slideshow of the Tokyo Marathon © Tokyo Marathon Foundation

Otsuka has supported the Tokyo Marathon, one of the largest city marathons in Asia, for 9 years in a row, since its inception. This year's running of the Tokyo Marathon was held on February 22.

The Otsuka Group, a total health care company that handles everything from functional foods and beverages to human pharmaceuticals, provided 36,000 runners rehydration and nutritional assistance, and was the first single corporate group to do so in the history of the Tokyo Marathon.

Tokyo Marathon 2015 - one of the Big Six supported by global brand POCARI SWEAT

© Tokyo Marathon Foundation

Tokyo Marathon is one of the six largest and most renowned marathons in the world, and only one Asian race to be recognized as such. 113 countries and regions participated in this year's marathon, with about 5,000 foreign participants (14% of total runners). The most athlete participants came from Taiwan, with 1,367.

POCARI SWEAT is now available in 18 countries and regions making it a very familiar and trusted brand for worldwide athletes participating in this international event.

In a marathon, when each runner's body is pushed hard for an extended length of time, it is extremely important to get adequate hydration and nutrition before, during, and after the race in order to prevent the body from becoming depleted of water and nutrition and to ensure that the race can be finished safely.

Based on research conducted by Otsuka's own Sports Nutrition Institute, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals provided the runners with various products before the race (Amino-Value, providing BCAA), during the race (POCARI SWEAT, providing water and electrolytes), and after the race (Calorie Mate, providing 5 major nutrients, including protein and sugars). Otsuka provided water and nutritional replenishment to 36,000 runners from around the world both at the EXPO and on the day of the race.

Otsuka's activities on the day of Tokyo Marathon 2015

© Tokyo Marathon Foundation

Early in the morning, with a light rain falling, around twenty Otsuka employees, along with volunteers, prepared Amino-Value and Calorie Mate Jelly for runners before the start of the race in order to provide them with the amino acid BCAA and 5 major nutrients.

At stations along the course, runners received POCARI SWEAT to provide them with well known water and electrolytes. In the marathon, when the runners were sweating even in the cold, those runners who remained adequately hydrated were able to perform their best and complete the circuit around Tokyo. Runners who crossed the finish line were handed packages of Calorie Mate to allow them to easily replenish their depleted stores of 5 major nutrients.

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