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21MAY 2015


  • China

Attention, Gourmets in Hong Kong! Roll-Out of Three Nutraceutical Delights

In 'the city of sizzling woks' with over 12,000 restaurants to dine at, you cannot avoid the scrumptious cooking aromas at any street corner. Hong Kong is a world-renowned gourmet paradise for its creative East-meets-West culinary delicacies, and for the accessibility there to imported foods from around the world. Some of the culinary pleasures of being in Hong Kong are exemplified by being able to relish a Cantonese breakfast and Mediterranean lunch, indulge in a treat with British-style afternoon tea, feast on French full course dinner followed by a midnight snack with Japanese munchies, all in one day.

Posters promoting the three nutraceutical products launched in Hong Kong in 2015

First Roll-out of Wise Man's Dining Outside Japan

Worrying about sugar and fat intake is the last thing you would want to do while enjoying your epicurean adventure in Hong Kong, which is why Otsuka's first overseas launch of Kenja-no-shokutaku (The Wise Man's Dining) Double Support in Hong Kong offers health-conscious gourmets a new option to curb absorption of sugar and lipids from deluxe diet, and thereby reducing the rise in blood glucose levels and triglycerides after meals. It comes in flavorless, odorless powder form which can be dissolved in any mealtime beverages or soup without affecting their flavor.(More product details in Chinese can be read here at a local website:

Sparkling Vitamin C Refreshment, and Almond & Chocolate Treat with Low Glycemic Index

Ms. Mylene Khoo lecturing the media

Today, as more than a third of Hong Kong's residents are classified overweight or obese, consumers are seeking out healthier foods and beverages to use on a daily basis, which accounts for the rapid expansion of the city's diet-oriented foods market. Higher health awareness also influence people to choose functional products, such as sports and energy drinks, to promote a more active lifestyle as a way to avoid weight gain.

In the spring of 2015, Otsuka launched two more nutraceutical products in Hong Kong, which were presented at a media event held in late May, featuring actress Ms. Myolie Wu, and an internationally active dietitian, Ms. Mylene Khoo, both whom are well known icons of well-being.

Ms. Myolie Wu at the media event

ORONAMIN C drink is one of the three items launched and it marks its 50th year anniversary back in Japan where it originates. At the event, Ms. Myolie Wu expressed how happy she was to be able to enjoy the made-in-Japan ORONAMIN C again in her homeland, which she was fond of during her residence in Japan. The 120ml flavorful carbonated drink fortified with the vitamin C equivalent of 11 lemons, vitamin B-complex and other nutritional elements, has been refreshing and energizing people of all ages for half a century. (Energizing tips of ORONAMIN C in Chinese can be read here at a local website:

A perennial taste combo favorite, 'Almond & Chocolate' flavor, joined the SOYJOY line-up in Hong Kong. Chewy baked bar SOYJOY is made from 100% soybean flour and contains no wheat. The passionate team from Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Hong Kong will continue awareness building campaigns of the benefits of including low glycemic index foods in healthy diets, through the marketing of SOYJOY in various fruit and nut. (For more information on Low Glycemic Index, a numerical indication of how much your blood glucose level rises after a meal, visit our English webpage "Everything You Need to Know about GI". Local SOYJOY product information in Chinese can be read here:

Otsuka's Presence in Hong Kong

The recent splashy debuts of Otsuka's nutraceutical products demonstrate how the company's belief in innovating nutritional products with scientific backing is taking root in Hong Kong. With almost two decades of experience in the city with pharmaceutical business too and therefore a strong presence in the local medical industry, Otsuka is hoping to touch the heartstrings of many more health conscious people in Hong Kong.

Meet the dedicated team at Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Hong Kong!

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